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Delta Tech Cyber Security Transformation Training, July 7, 2018, PC Hotel, Lahore

Cyber Security Transformation Training, Lahore
(July 7), Islamabad (Aug 11), Karachi (Sept 8)

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As Cyber Security threats continue to increase, it remains a challenging task for organizations in Pakistan to effectively protect themselves from Cyber Security attacks. Moreover, as IT adopts a central and crucial role for automation of business functions it has become imperative to protect the confidential IT assets and systems from attacks, abuse, and misuse.

This unique one-day course taught by the industry’s Cyber Security experts will cover the following main topics:

  • How to build a highly effective organizational Information Security Program
  • Implementing International Cyber Security best-practices and standards
  • How to achieve a world-class Information Security Transformation
  • How to effectively protect your organization from Cyber Security attacks and misuse


This course is designed for all professionals concerned with improving the Cyber Security and information Security posture of the organization, and for ensuring the IT risks are managed effectively and the organization is protected from attacks.

  • CIOs, IT Heads, and IT Division Managers
  • CISOs, Heads of Information Security, Information Security Managers, IT Security Managers
  • Heads of IT Audit, IT Audit Managers, IT Audit Professionals
  • Heads of IT Risk, IT Risk Managers
  • Heads of IT Compliance, IT Compliance Managers
  • Software Security Managers, QA Managers


One of the reasons for the lack of effective Information Security implementation in Pakistan is the lack of awareness of International best-practices related to Information Security. This course will bridge the knowledge gap with the help of a full day workshop covering effective strategies, real-world case-studies, scenarios and presentations on how to effectively implement Information Security in each of the IT domains.

  • Effective strategies and roadmap on how to implement an effective Cyber Security program
  • Real-world case studies on effective Cyber Security implementation
  • How to convince the Board and Management to support the Cyber Security program
  • How to make the Cyber Security program failure-proof
  • How to tackle resource and skill constraints related to Cyber Security in your organization
  • How to build consensus and convergence involving all security stakeholders for organizational benefit