Risks Posture for any Organization

Every organization is formed on a Vision to do something. It sets up certain Objectives to achieve the desired goals of their Vision. To act on those objectives, it inducts Human Resources who can create, perform and manage the deliverables defined by the Objectives. Rules are defined as Business Processes for activities undertaken by the [...]

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Solution to Pakistan’s Security Challenges: Cyber Security Maturity Matrix (CSMM)

While IT has progressed in Pakistan over the last ten years, effective cyber security implementation has been treated with denial. This has resulted in enterprise networks and IT systems in Pakistan being erected without the essential cyber security protection mechanisms. Today the cyber security implementation in the country is almost a decade behind, thus [...]

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Ransomware and the enterprise: a new white paper

Throughout 2018 criminals have continued to target large organizations with ransomware. Today we introduce a new white paper that explains why ransomware is still a serious threat to your organization – regardless of size – and what can be done to reduce exposure to, and damage from, ransomware attacks. The paper focuses on three particularly [...]

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5 Characteristics Of Information Security In Pakistan

As a result of our focused efforts in consulting for Cyber Security over the last 6+ years in all three major cities (Lahore, Islamabad, Karachi), and while working in consulting assignments with all major sectors (Banking, Telecoms, Enterprise, Government, and other), Delta Tech team discovered five (5) key characteristics of Information Security in Pakistan. The [...]

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