About Nahil Mahmood

Nahil Mahmood is a key figure in the Information Security space in Pakistan. He was awarded the (ISC)2 Asia Pacific Information Security Leadership Achievement (ISLA) award in a ceremony in Tokyo, Japan, in July 2012 for his significant contribution to the field of Information Security in the country.

Pakistan’s Cyber Security Challenges & Solutions

This paper characterizes a unique pattern of five (5) cyber security challenges prevalent in almost all of Pakistan’s industry & organizations, expounds the contributing factors, and proposes solutions in the form of original cyber security models to address Pakistan’s pressing cyber security challenges.

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Software industry in denial about cyber security

ISLAMABAD: Cybercrime is the second largest category of crimes committed across the globe – second to theft of assets – but software companies and other industries are in denial about cybersecurity, said Pakistan Cybersecurity Association Chairman Nahil Mahmood said on Saturday. Speaking at the Pakistan Software Quality Conference 2017, Mr Mahmood said cybersecurity requires [...]

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Solution to Pakistan’s Security Challenges: Cyber Security Maturity Matrix (CSMM)

While IT has progressed in Pakistan over the last ten years, effective cyber security implementation has been treated with denial. This has resulted in enterprise networks and IT systems in Pakistan being erected without the essential cyber security protection mechanisms. Today the cyber security implementation in the country is almost a decade behind, thus [...]

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5 Characteristics Of Information Security In Pakistan

As a result of our focused efforts in consulting for Cyber Security over the last 6+ years in all three major cities (Lahore, Islamabad, Karachi), and while working in consulting assignments with all major sectors (Banking, Telecoms, Enterprise, Government, and other), Delta Tech team discovered five (5) key characteristics of Information Security in Pakistan. The [...]

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